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 Nov 21st Wierdo Show Doors at 830pm show at 10pm

455067-250The Weirdo Show: What we are thankful for

It is already November ladies and gentlemen! As the year slowly turns to an end, the Weirdo Show is taking a reflective moment and giving all of you something to be thankful for! With old and new friends gracing the stage, the Weirdo Show this month is going to be fresh on your mind at Thanksgiving! Lets meet our performers!

Cerai has been belly dancing in the Baltimore/DC area for 5 years. Initially studying Egyptian Cabaret, she then progressed to her niche, Tribal Fusion. Cerai is also a musician and plays fiddle and violin in many bands, which is represented with her iconic back tattoo of a violin. She’s performed in Burlesque variety shows before, but this is her first time in a variety side show, and she’s super stoked!

The Weirdo Show will let the Lady speak for herself:

“Let me introduce myself as Lady Rockwell, from Baltimore. Why Lady Rockwell? Well I am one hell of a lady and know how to rock well! (I may or may not like Norman Rockwell…… :] )
I swear I won’t make your eyes bleed if you read this, it’s just a little bit about me but not in third person!
Not only do I perform burlesque, I also have been modeling for over 6 years, design most of my costumes and hand make clothes, and dabbling in acting!
I have been performing burlesque for 3 years now, I LOVE it, and I never stop learning.
And my secret passion is the Upright Bass…..
See now your eyes aren’t bleeding, right? Come on out and enjoy the show, I don’t bite too hard!”

This month we see a wonderful friend returning to our stage, Ms. Godawful! Are you having trouble making friends? Turn casual acquaintances into instant buddies by letting Ms Godawful teach YOU how to play the musical saw! It’s sure to boost your confidence and charisma. Maybe you’ll have your own pubic lesson onstage! You’ll how to play music on the cutting edge *rimshot*.

Since 2011, Ellie Quinn has been dazzling audiences with her eclectic array of costuming and burlesque eccentricites all over the east coast! The Duchess of Dork uses her inner most fangirl to tease and tickle your funny bone. She performed in the first annual Vermont Burlesque Festival, Ohio Burlesque Festival, Great Southern Exposure, and Las Vegas Burlesque Festival. Always upbeat and borderline absurd, you’ll want to catch a peek at this geek!

Finally, we have a man who has performed all over the world, mystifying with his magical feats. The Weirdo Show is extremely excited to welcome, Steve Hyde! Steve Hyde is a performer, author, historian and collector. He saw his first magician in 1963 on The Clyde Beatty and Cole Bros. Circus. He performed his first show in 1973. He has performed on cruise ships, circuses, television and many other venues.

Your host for the evening will be Professor Sprocket! The man with the silver tongue himself will be taking you on a journey and if you squint, you might just smell the midway!

We cannot wait to see you there!

The Bier Baron
1523 22nd st NW


Doors 830pm
Show 1000 pm

Tickets: $12 presale/$15 at door


Nov 22nd Burley Oakie Show at 6pm

447954-250Bunny’s Birthday Bash Burl-eoke!
Burl-eoke is a game show that teams up karaoke singers and burlesque performers to compete for prizes such as bar tabs, movies, show tickets and GLORY!!

There is a preliminary round where 5 karaoke singers try their songs without seeing the words. The crowd chooses which 4 go on to round 1.

After the first elimination, we intro each burlesque performer (who they are, what they’re up to, etc.), then pair them up with their karaoke singer.

In round 1, the singer will sing a song of their choice… but the dancer has no clue what it is. Each team goes, and there is an audience voting/elimination. The loser chooses the challenges for the teams advancing to round 2.

In round 2, each individual will have a challenge: singers have singer challenges (sing like Elmo), and the dancers have dancing challenges (do the Harlem Shake). There is an elimination and the loser gets to choose the song for the next challenge.

The final round is known as the Dueling Duet. The last 2 singers must sing a duet of the losers choosing. The dancers have a dance off. After this foolishness, there is the crowning.

Please find us on Facebook for updates and performer profiles!


boobs propagandaPropaganda Burlesque Show Doors open at 830pm and show is at 10pm

Pasties and Propaganda Burlesque

Join Fox Ecdysiast Martin, Maki Ruel, Reggie Bügmüncher, Lascivious Jane, Betty O’Hellno, Jezabelle von Jane, Addie Pocere and Horatio Dark for a night of over-the-top ecdysiastical renditions of propaganda, from past to present! Doors open at 8:30 PM for dinner seating, Showtime is 10 PM.

tickets here












Nov 28th Pot Shot Comics Doors at 730pm

Nov 29th VC Burlesque presents

Christmas Show 2014Nov 30th Nutcracker Burlesque doors at 7pm show at 9pm


DISCLAIMER: if settling down to some of the above entertainment over a cold one isn’t your ‘thing’ (and we can’t imagine how it wouldn’t be!) … the Bier Baron isn’t only about Live music, sideshows and scantily clad entertainment..sure, we’re good at that, but anyone will tell you, we are best known for, wait for it… BEER!

With over 500 bottled beers from around the world, 50+ constantly rotating taps and picked as one of Draft Magazine’s top 100 best beer bars in America, the Bier Baron and its beer director, Tad,  is understandably excited about all our offerings. Please come in and try something new. Ask Your server, he’ll find you the right beer to go along with your meal.


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