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Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Events

March 13th– District Trivia at 7:30pm

Comic books and Cocktails sponsored by Phantom Comics 7pm

March 14th– 8:30pm Capital Laughs free comedy show

March 15th– SMASHED:  A Nerdy and Dirty Comedy Show, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

District Trivia at 7:30pm

March 16th– Specific Ignorance:  A Comedy Panel Gameshow, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

March 17th


Friday, March 17, 2017 Doors at 8pm; Show at 9pm 


The DC Weirdo Show presents: SIDESHOW FEMMPIRE Featuring BOOBZILLA!


All weirdos… all women… all BADASSES!
  • RIN AJNA: Bellydance Queen!
  • INARA RENARDE: Fire Levitator!
  • LOTTIE ELLINGTON: Oddity Revealed!
  • ALEX DOLL: Human Pincushion!
  • Swordswallower and boob stuntress from #OhNoVarietyShow … BOOBZILLA!

Hosted by UMA HURTMAN!

Stage assisted by ABRAXAS!

WARNING: This show contains SHOCKING and RARE FEATS… plus NUDITY (hooray!)

NOTE: This show SOLD OUT last year! Advance tickets are strongly recommended. We don’t want to turn anyone away at the door!

Tickets on sale now! http://tinyurl.com/SideshowFemmpire
$15 in advance; $20 cash at the door
Doors open at 8pm; our show starts promptly at 9pm 

March 18th– The Manic Pixie Nightmares

Doors at 8:3opm, Show at 9:30pm

March 19th

An Unaccompanied Minor:  A One Man Play, Doors at 6pm Show at 7pm

A comedy for anyone who’s been single, and then got someone pregnant.

a SilverSword Collective presents The Unaccompanied Minor written and performed by Elan Zafir. Directed by Dody DiSanto.

The Unaccompanied Minor is an autobiographical solo show about a guy who tries to be a good father to a son that lives 2000 miles away.

“I see my son four times a year. The first thing I do is pick him up at the airport; the last thing I do is drop him off. It’s never a happy affair, but last year I was dropping him off on Southwest Airlines, and for the first time—he boarded early. It was during Thanksgiving so there were quite a few passengers waiting to board. I walked my son to the edge of the Jet Bridge, and realized we hadn’t said goodbye, so I got down on one knee, and said my goodbye’s which for some reason were tougher than usual (I wouldn’t see him for another four months). As he walked away, I quickly noticed the entire line of passengers leaning over to get a look at us. They stared into my eyes, they weren’t embarrassed for me… they were there for me. Thus began The Unaccompanied Minor.”

Ticket prices are $10.00

House opens at 6pm. Full bar and food menu. Grab your drink! Show starts at 7pm. Runs an hour.

Will be playing 3 more Sunday’s in April:
April 2 2017
April 16 2017
April 30 2017

See it before it goes to the Edinburgh Fringe!

March 20th– District Trivia at 7:30pm

Comic books and Cocktails sponsored by Phantom Comics 7pm

March 21st– Capital Laughs free comedy show, Show at 8:30pm

March 22nd-District Trivia at 7:30pm

March 23rd– Washington LINK

March 24thThe Equinox has come, heralding the strengthening of the Sun. As the earth slowly awakens from her slumber, so do our limbs start stretching awake from winder stagnation. The Hexworkers have thawed and come together to bring you a celestial celebration to shake loose those winter blues. The forces of Mab Just Mab and Jim Dandy combine to lead our narrative, as Miss V and Eyrie Twilight serve the ritual exuberant ecdysiasts, with special local guests Nona Narcisse, Dainty Dandridge and Virgin Sacrifice Doe Bardot joining our revelry on the Bier Baron Stage. Buster Britches serves the witches as our Go Go Elemental while Stage Satyr Clint Essential keeps our circumference clean and provides his unique, hexy energies to our coven. Danny Cavalier keeps our momentum throughout the evening. Every show features vending by The Carrion Bible, purveyor of fine, wearable and sharable art crafted from natural materials, along with other local artisans and makers. Curious? Join us for one night, for a celebration of all things Sacred and Sexy.

Sponsored by
Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends
Oddporium: Gallery of the Bizarre
The Carrion Bible

Photography By
Pablo Raw Photography

Feast 8pm
Ritual 9pm


$25 – VIP [Limited availability]
• Reserved Front Row Seating*
#hexy swag courtesy of Hexwork
• Raffle ticket

$15 – General Admission
• Raffle Ticket
• Guaranteed Admission**

For Advanced Tickets

$20 Day of Show

*Bachelor/ette + Birthday party packages available. Please contact Eyrie Twilight directly to arrange for your group experience!

**Please contact Eyrie for VIP table reservations for parties of 4 or more.


March 25th– Strip Park: Burlesque tribute to South Park presented by Glit-O-Rama, Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm

March 26th– Starr Struck Comedy, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

March 27th– District Trivia at 7:30pm

Comic books and Cocktails sponsored by Phantom Comics 7pm

March 28th– Capital Laughs free comedy show, Show at 8:30pm

March 29th– District Trivia at 7:30pm

Underground Comedy Festival, Doors at 7pm

March 30th– Underground Comedy Festival, Doors at 7pm

March 31- Bare Naked Comedy, Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm

Right Proper Specialty Tapping Night