cooler beer_persp_1Last year, we found a cellar brimming with lots of aged beer goodness! We couldn’t contain ourselves, so we just had to tell somebody… and as a matter of fact, we had our very first annual  mid-summer night barley wine festival… where we cracked open some selections from this aged catalogue and delighted in their complexity. That event was awesome, and we’ve clamoring to do it again… and we will, in the summer.

But first, we thought we should do something extra special in the spring…on March 25th , enter the Sam Adam’s Utopias tasting event. Most beer lovers will tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a brew as special and as exquisite as the Sam Adams Utopias. Unlike most brews, this one is constructed (if there is a better word insert here) from a library of their different craft brews all blended and aged in liquor barrels. It weighs in at a whopping 29% per volume of alcohol, and though it’s still a beer, it pours and tastes more like a fine liqueur.

As you can probably imagine, this beer has an enormous complexity, expressing most of the different and unique characters of the numerous brews that have been blended together along with hints of Vanilla, licorice, zests and some dark fruits, while at the same time, expressing the character of the barrels it is aged in.  Sam Adams founder Jim Koch explained that the barrels are an ingredient, in themselves, and that they take the same care and attention in selecting the individual barrels as they would in selecting hops.


On March 25th, we will host an event that will feature this awesome brew… we’ll probably be the only ones doing this in this area so I strongly suggest you buy your ticket below while they’re still available!
Sam Adams Utopias Event