• District Trivia

    Every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30pm

    Monday trivia at Bier Baron has been a great success so we’ve taken over Wednesday night! Now there’s two nights a week where you can select from over 600 beers and 45 draft lines while working your way towards nightly gift cards and $5,000 in cash!

    This week, Comic books and cocktails Sponsored by Fantom comics

  • Grassroots Open Mic

    Every Sunday from 7:30pm

    Grassroots Comedy DC (GCDC) is all about people power, and that means giving local comics a chance to practice and hone their skills and material, whether it be for an upcoming GCDC showcase or just to help the whole comedy community improve. That’s why we also run open mic nights! These shows also serve to raise funds and awareness for the GCDC issue of the month.

  • Capital Laughs

    Every Tuesday from 7:30pm






  • Broken Diamond Open mic

    Every Wednesday from 8:30pm

    With our bi-weekly Open Mic Nights and Professional Shows, you are guaranteed to have a great night filled with laughs at The Bier Baron Tavern. Based in Washington D.C., The Bier Baron has the best and most accommodating seating to view our Professional Comedy Shows

  • The Comedy Block: The Halloween Comedy Show

    Oct 2017
    - 7:30pm -

    Celebrate Halloween with the Comedy Block! Wear your cooliest Haloween costume and join us for some jokes from some of the DMV’s best comedians.

    Thursday , October 26, 2017

    Doors open 7:30pm


    This event is 21 and up. It is held at a bar, where alcohol is served.

    Tickets here

    All attendees will be asked for valid ID.

    Produced by Melting Pot Comedy. (Dominic Rivera/Kerene Tayloe)

  • Scary Tales: A Grimm Night of Burlesque

    Oct 2017
    - 8:00pm -

    Kicking off the Halloween weekend with an Evening of Enchanted burlesque and Sideshow by some of Washington’s most demonic Fairy Tale Creatures.

    Doors at 8, show at 9

    Tickets are $15 in Advance $17 at the door.

    Hosted By Mother Ghoul Buster Britches


    Carlita Caliente
    Phoenix King
    Ophelia Zayna Hart
    Cherie Sweetbottom
    Danny Cavalier
    Ginger Jameson
    Delilah Dentata
    Queen Nefertittie

    Zamora The Torture King

  • The Dreadful Cabaret

    Oct 2017
    - 9:00pm -

    Camp Variety has pulled out ALL THE STOPS for this Halloween adventure. We have gathered frightful beauties from across the country to bring you the Dreadful Cabaret. Starring Chicago’s Queen of Halloween Red Rum, known for her spectacular makeup and costume design, she is an experience you won’t want to miss.

    The Dreadful Cabaret has two DIFFERENT spectacular shows. Featuring Burlesque performances, Raffle prizes and photo opportunities…along with our little market of horror’s including local artisans selling their unusual wares.

    Date: October 28th 2017

    Times 7:30 & 9:30

    Admission starting at $15.00 with $30 VIP (package deals available)



    Hosts: Delilah Dentata (7:30) and Mab Just Mab (9:30)

    Performances by:

    London St. Juniper, Mourna Handful, Ellie Quinn, Caza Blanca, Jacqueline Boxx, Callie Pigeon, Danny Cavalier, Ladie Bladie, Nox Falls, Crimson Kitty, Adora Butch, Mich

  • Creature Feature, Transformative Prosthetic Makeup Demonstration

    Oct 2017
    - 1:00pm -

    A little bit PEEPshow, a little bit FREAKshow…a little bit CREEPshow! Burlesque Performance Artist RedRum will talk about the relationship of burlesque to the history of circus sideshow and the trajectory of her own work as it relates to the push and pull of attraction/repulsion.

    She will then demonstrate quick and creative uses of prosthetic makeup appliances and other means of achieving dimension with basic makeup tools.

    Emphasis will be on creature and character makeup.

    No need to bring materials, just come equipped with questions and ideas.

    Tickets here

  • “Queering ‘Dracula’ in Staging the Dark Count”

    Oct 2017
    - 6:00pm -

    “Queering ‘Dracula’ in Staging the Dark Count,”

    a discussion with American University’s Carl Menninger,assistant professor of performing arts,

    and Elizabeth Morton, theater major.

    In adapting Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula

    for the stage, the playwright William

    McNulty refused to see anything romantic

    or sympathetic in the main character, “a

    powerful male figure who brutally attacks

    young women.” In staging McNulty’s play

    at American University, Menninger and Morton took the playwright’s reexamination of sex and power a step further, reversing the genders of Dracula and other characters. They’ll describe how their effort, informed by feminist and queer-theory scholarship, challenged their audiences’ assumptions and drove stakes into the hearts of stereotypes. They’ll also talk about the puppetry and costuming that they used to bring Stoker’s frightening tale back to life. Their talk will make you rethink your views of the horror genre and your beliefs about what lurks in the dark. (Vampiric attire encouraged, but be sure to get home before dawn.) Tickets $10 at the door.

  • Ha!lloween – Beers, costumes, killer jokes

    Oct 2017
    - 8:00pm -

    HA!lloween: Part Theme Party, Part Comedy Show, All Hallows’ Eve
    Tuesday, October 31st, Doors at 6:30pm, Show at 8:00pm

    HA!lloween is back for year four! You’ll die laughing at this defrightfully unique Halloween extravaganza. Expect a killer lineup of local comics, costume contest, mummy wrap and other macabre merriment. A percentage of proceeds will go to United for Puerto Rico.

    Featuring Dana Fleitman (host), Matty Litwack, Brittany Carney, Benjy Himmelfarb, Franqi French and Ahmed Vallejos.

    Ticket Information:
    $10 advance, $13 at door, tickets available at


    Facebook page:

  • Profs and Pints: “Bots, Trolls and Fake News”

    Nov 2017
    - 7:00pm -
    Profs and Pints: “Bots, Trolls and Fake News”

    Social media, once looked upon as a potential savior of democracy, has instead been infiltrated by bots and trolls that spread fake news, distort elections, and undermine meaningful debate. Professor Alan Rosenblatt, a thought leader on social media and director of digital research for Lake Research Partners, will answer questions such as: How bad is the problem? What are the tell-tale signs of a bot? How are trolls coordinating their activities? What is fake news? How can democracy survive this onslaught?

    Tickets here

  • Profs and Pints: “What Every Gardener Should Do in the Fall”

    Nov 2017
    - 6:00pm -
    Profs and Pints: “What Every Gardener Should Do in the Fall”

    When you say “tomato,” Che Axum says “big, juicy tomato.” As director of the University of the District of Columbia’s Center for Urban Agriculture, he oversees the university’s Master Gardener, Urban Agriculture, and Specialty/Ethnic Crops certificate programs, helping to keep the city green and healthily fed. He’ll be discussing essential steps that every gardener should take in the fall to have bumper crops in the coming year and to grow for nutrient density. He’ll also take questions about dealing with poor soil, plant disease, and pests.

    Tickets here

  • Profs and Pints: “JFK, the Right President for Then and Now”

    Nov 2017
    - 6:00pm -
    Profs and Pints: “JFK, the Right President for Then and Now”

    November 22nd marks the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Hear a leading expert on Kennedy’s presidency, John K. White of Catholic University, discuss Kennedy’s bipartisan, results-oriented approach and the lessons Kennedy offers those who seek the nation’s highest office. Elected on a promise that he would usher in a new era of leadership, Kennedy eschewed political ideologies and instead practiced what would come to be called “managerial politics,” pragmatically focusing on producing the best outcomes for American society. It was an approach that enabled him to learn from his mistakes and grow exponentially as a leader, by, for example, applying hard lessons learned from the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban Missile Crisis. It also enabled him to appeal to both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to establish the Peace Corps and pass the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.  It’s an approach, Professor White will argue, that is needed in the White House today.

    tickets here

  • Profs and Pints: “The Case for Impeachment”

    Nov 2017
    - 6:00pm -
    Profs and Pints: “The Case for Impeachment”

    Allan J. Lichtman, Distinguished Professor of History at American University, gained widespread recognition last year for his early, controversial, and correct prediction that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election. Now he is a arguing that President Trump has already committed enough transgressions to justify an impeachment investigation, a case he makes in his acclaimed book The Case for Impeachment.  With the Trump administration under intense scrutiny by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the U.S. House and Senate Intelligence Committees, and the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lichtman will discuss why it’s past time for the investigation that matters most to President Donald Trump and the American people: an impeachment investigation by the House Judiciary Committee.

    Tickets here

  • Profs and Pints: “What Hurricanes Are Telling Us”

    Nov 2017
    - 6:00pm -
    Profs and Pints: “What Hurricanes Are Telling Us”

    The 2017 hurricane season has been one of the most devastating in history, with Harvey, Irma, and Maria wreaking havoc on the U.S. mainland and throughout the Caribbean. Studying such weather trends and their causes is the passion of Raghu Murtugudde, professor of atmospheric and oceanic science and earth-system science at the University of Maryland at College Park and a former executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Forecast Project. He’ll discuss what we can learn from the latest round of hurricanes and the prospects of such a storm causing havoc in the Washington DC region.

    Tickets here