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    Monday trivia at Bier Baron has been a great success so we’ve taken over Wednesday night! Now there’s two nights a week where you can select from over 600 beers and 45 draft lines while working your way towards nightly gift cards and $5,000 in cash!

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    Grassroots Comedy DC (GCDC) is all about people power, and that means giving local comics a chance to practice and hone their skills and material, whether it be for an upcoming GCDC showcase or just to help the whole comedy community improve. That’s why we also run open mic nights! These shows also serve to raise funds and awareness for the GCDC issue of the month.

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  • Profs & Pints: Turkish Politics, U.S. Trouble

    Jun 2018
    - 6:30pm -
    “Turkish Politics, U.S. Trouble,” with Lisel Hintz, assistant professor of international relations and European Studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.
    Turkey holds national elections on June 24th, and the run-up to them and their all-but-preordained results are worrying NATO and international human-rights observers. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a strongman who has jailed thousands of his opponents, is expected to easily remain in office and remain free to continuing pursuing his vision of “New Turkey” that embraces Islamism and authoritarianism.

    Whether you have connections to Turkey, plan to travel there, or just care about world affairs, developments in Turkey should concern you. In addition to violating human rights on a massive scale, the nation has purchased a missile defense system from Russia and escalated tensions with European nations it dismisses as “Nazis.”

    What is going on there? Come hear it all explained by Professor Hintz, who spent 18 months conducting extensive fieldwork across Turkey for her forthcoming book 
    Identity Politics Inside Out: National Identity Contestation and Foreign Policy in Turkey.

    Her talk will explore Turkey’s domestic struggles over what it means to be Turkish, and how these struggles shape, or are shaped by, the nation’s foreign policy. She’s describe how this formerly secularist nation has embraced what she calls “Ottoman Islamism,” ushering in a dramatic rise in the presence of Islam throughout the public sphere, from the education curriculum to military training to the soap operas on television. She’ll touch upon the nation’s recent coup attempt, the stalling of its efforts to join the European Union, and its war against Kurdish forces in Syria. And she’ll talk about how its leaders’ new understanding of what it means to be Turkish has rendered possible domestic and foreign policies previously seen as unthinkable. (Tickets $10 in advance, $12 at the door.)
  • Erica Spera – Comedy

    Jun 2018
    - 7:30pm -

    Erica Spera is the girl next door who’s tall, dark, and one of the guys. Originally from Binghamton NY, Spera is the producer of 607 Comedy, where she hosts shows throughout the Upstate New York area. When she isn’t having dinner with her ridiculously large family, you can find Erica performing nightly all over the big apple; doing stand up comedy clubs such as Gotham, The Stand, New York Comedy Club, and Caroline’s. Spera was named a 2017 TBS Comics to Watch as part of the NY Comedy Festival and has opened for Bert Kreischer and SNL’s Colin Jost. You may have seen her on TLC’s Cake Boss, Gotham Comedy Live! on AXSTV, or have heard her podcast 20 Minutes of Fire. Every Friday at 8:30pm, she co-hosts Bitches Brew, at Halyard’s Bar in Brooklyn, which has been named one of TimeOut NY’s “Best Comedy Shows”.

    Advance tickets here

  • Profs & Pints: Nightmare at Love Canal

    Jun 2018
    - 6:00pm -
    “Nightmare at Love Canal,” with Rahima Schwenkbeck, adjunct professor of American Studies at George Washington University.
    Love Canal was conceived of as part of a utopian community when it broke ground in Niagara Falls, N.Y., in the 1890s. By the 1970s, however, it came to be regarded as a hell for those who lived there, whom it exposed to chemical waste, toxic smells and death.

    Hooker Chemical Company and other firms had filled an abandoned canal on the site with a long list of horrific toxins, including those from experiments with chemical warfare. And yet, despite warnings from Hooker itself, developers built two elementary schools, hundreds of homes, and low-income apartment buildings there.

    The land’s poisonous past came to haunt its residents, producing a horrific environmental disaster. Those who lived there were plagued with burned pets, strange illnesses, cancer, and children with birth defects. Furious over what was happening to them and their children, parents in the area became activists, bringing coffins to political leaders and, at one point, holding two Environmental Protection Agency agents hostage.

    Eventually the entire area was closed off. Its residents left their homes, which were razed, bulldozed into their own basements, and capped over. The controversy helped inspire Congress to pass environmental legislation, particularly the Superfund program. Yet history risks repeating itself, as new developments are being built near the site and those now in power in Washington are scaling back environmental protections adopted since then.

    Come hear Dr. Schwenkbeck, a Niagara Falls native, tell the strange tale of Love Canal, the activism it inspired, and that community’s struggle to come to grips with its past. She’ll discuss the site’s bizarre history, the numerous questionable decisions that were made there, and the science involved in determining pollution’s toxic effects. And she’ll bring you up to speed on the risks that remain there and elsewhere where the earth has been used as a poison dumping ground. It’s a talk not to be missed by anyone who cares about the environment and the health of themselves and their children. (Tickets $10 in advance and $12 at the door.)
  • Allen Strickland – Comedy

    Jun 2018
    - 7:30pm -

    In the fall of 2014 Allen made his television stand-up debut on Conan. He’s also appeared on Comedy Dynamics: Coming to the Stage on Hulu, After Darth from Abominable Pictures and Flophouse on Viceland. Allen recently appeared at the 2016 New York Comedy Festival as one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watchand has performed at SXSW and Moontower in Austin, Texas, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon and Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy Festival in both San Diego and Irvine, California.

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