• District Trivia

    Every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30pm

    Monday trivia at Bier Baron has been a great success so we’ve taken over Wednesday night! Now there’s two nights a week where you can select from over 600 beers and 45 draft lines while working your way towards nightly gift cards and $5,000 in cash!

    This week, Comic books and cocktails Sponsored by Fantom comics

  • Grassroots Open Mic

    Every Sunday from 7:30pm

    Grassroots Comedy DC (GCDC) is all about people power, and that means giving local comics a chance to practice and hone their skills and material, whether it be for an upcoming GCDC showcase or just to help the whole comedy community improve. That’s why we also run open mic nights! These shows also serve to raise funds and awareness for the GCDC issue of the month.

  • Capital Laughs

    Every Tuesday from 7:30pm






  • Profs&Pints: Get Published as an Academic

    Oct 2018
    - 4:00pm -

    Profs & Pints Workshop: Get Published as an Academic

    Profs and Pints presents: “Get Published as an Academic: A Step-by-Step Guide,” a workshop with Emily Dufton, a Montgomery College lecturer and professional writer whose dissertation was published as Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America.

    Ready to publish your dissertation? Have a manuscript you want to turn into a book? This workshop will introduce academics to the world of book publishing. It will provide step-by-step instructions that will take students from the beginning of the process (querying agents and publishers; writing a book proposal) to its end (how to plan a book tour; tips for promotion).

    We’ll discuss the differences between university and trade presses, how to pitch your work to each, and what to expect during the publishing process.

    Whether you want to work with an academic or commercial house, publishing is a complicated process. This workshop will help students transform from academics into authors, and give them the tools they need to establish a writing career. The event takes place in the private event room of the downstairs pub. +

    Tickets $30 and must be purchased in advance.

  • Profs&Pints: Grassroots Organizing

    Oct 2018
    - 6:00pm -

    Profs & Pints Workshop: Grassroots Organizing
    Profs and Pints Workshops presents, “Grassroots Organizing, Strategies, Tools, and Techniques,” with Joshua Habursky, adjunct professor of strategic communication at West Virginia University and founder of the Grassroots Professional Network.

    How are movements created? Why do people come together to support social and political goals? With important elections coming up, how can you make a difference? Learn the basic reasoning and techniques behind grassroots organizing and activism from Joshua Habursky, founder and chairman of the Grassroots Professional Network, an organization with more than 15,000 advocacy, grassroots, and lobbying professionals as members.

    Professor Habursky, whose organization is devoted to promoting best practices in grassroots advocacy, will teach you basic organizing techniques, how to amplify a grassroots message, and how to recruit, retain, and mobilize activists for any cause, organization, or movement. Participants will leave this session with a better understanding of the intersection of government relations and communications and how average citizens can have an impact on public policy outcomes.

    Professor Habursky has led award-winning grassroots programs for three national associations and recruited a million advocates. He teaches courses on strategic communications and event promotion at West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media.

    The event takes place in the event room of the downstairs pub. Tickets are $30 and must be purchased in advance.

  • HA!LLOWEEN: Beers, Costumes, and Killer Jokes

    Oct 2018
    - 7:00pm -

    Do Halloween like a grown up this year!

    Dress up in your costumed finest* and come to one of DC’s best comedy clubs to laugh at a killer lineup of local comics including Ali Cherry, Curt Mariah, Leon Scott, Simone Shiferaw, Monica Welham (and more!)

    Doors open at 7pm, comedy at 8pm. Tickets $10 advance, $13 at the door.

    * Costumes encouraged and rewarded but not required.